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Yoga, Zen and the Three Jewels, at ZaZEN Filbert Street, 9/28

A three part workshop:
July 27, August 31 and September 28, 2013
1 - 4 pm
Yoga and Zen Practice with Lisa Jansen (all dates),  Connie Cummings (7/27 & 9/28) and Judith Randall (8/31)

All levels welcome. Although this is a series, if you cannot attend all 3 practices, drop-ins will be welcome.

Located at ZaZEN, 2219 Filbert Street view map

Class 1, July 27:

In this practice we emphasize awakening through the Hatha Yoga and Pranayama Practices. As we move with intention and awareness we cultivate a mindful attitude. Our gentleness towards ourselves and our bodies will be the primary focus as we play with form in a gentle and kind way. Unnecessary holdings and conditions will drop away with instruction to be kind and compassionate in all of our postures and movements.

Zen Teachings will remind us of: awakening, keeping a mindful attitude, being wise, and being compassionate in our everyday life.

Class 2, August 31:

This class uses the Yin Yoga Practice as a discipline to direct our mind over and over into and towards our own conditioning and physical holding patterns. We stay still in the Yin Practice and will be given guided meditations from the teachings of Self Realization to access one’s Fundamental Consciousness. Teachings to encourage students to Connect deep within the body to understand one’s nature or Sat Naam....Open State of Awareness from within.

Zen Teachings will remind us of: The second Jewel, or Dharma, our universal truth, teaching, and discipline, so we learn to direct ourselves over and over toward what is true and right—and mold our life accordingly.

Class 3, September 28:

In our third class, we come together and blend the Hatha with the Yin to create balance and harmony within the mind body. We use a healing mantra, which aligns with the energy of well-being for all of humanity. Chanting and Pranayama will be included in this balanced practice. The teachings of Self Realization, Yin, and Hatha Yoga will offer a balanced body mind which in turn aligns us to peace and harmony.

Zen Teachings will remind us of: The third Jewel, Sangha, or the community of followers and non-followers and also the community of human beings and non-human beings (the universal sangha). We learn to live in peace and harmony with all beings.

Workshop sliding scale
Price includes one free week of yoga at Zazen.

Supporter contribution $40
Member contribution $35
Sustaining contribution $30

To Register visit zazensf or call 415.806.6899

A San Francisco Zen Center program offered in partnership with ZaZEN Filbert Street

Lisa Marie Jansen began practicing yoga in 1984 and began teaching in 1998. From 2000 to 2007 she opened and ran a studio in her local community, Central Coast Yoga. Her love for teaching encouraged her to give up ownership of Central Coast Yoga and focus primarily on Teaching Yoga and working privately with clients and students. While completing her certification at the Santa Barbara Yoga Center she was greatly influenced by Erich Schiffmann and Sarah Powers. While teaching she typically blends styles, including Hatha, Yin, and Therapeutic Yoga. Her love for teaching and interest in supporting her students encouraged her to receive training in many other healing modalities. She has extensive studies and 14 years of experience treating clients with Cranio Sacral Therapy, Reiki, Thai Yoga, Yoga Therapy, and Energetic Facilitation. Lisa’s intuition combined with creativity offer a unique and supportive environment that gives each person she works with an opportunity to receive the healing gifts the practices have to offer. More information can be found at lisayoga.com.