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Year-End Appeal 2014

A Year-End Letter from Our Abbatial Leaders

“With great compassion as their room,
Gentleness and patience as their robe,
And the emptiness of all things as their seat.
Doing this they ... teach the Dharma.”

Lotus Sutra, Chapter 10: “Teachers of the Dharma” (Gene Reeves translation)

Dear Dharma Friends,

Each year brings us joy and loss, gratitude and grief, and it will always be so. The support and strength we receive from the Dharma teachings; from our beloved environments of beauty, peace, and practice; and from the good friends who are making an effort to live a life of awareness and compassion are invaluable for sustaining our life. How fortunate we all are to have been touched in so many ways by San Francisco Zen Center.

The Lotus Sutra, with its teaching of inclusivity and love, invites us to enter the Buddha’s room of great compassion for all living beings, put on the robe of gentleness and patience, and sit in the middle of our life—on the Buddha’s own seat—contemplating the emptiness of all things. Right here we express the fullness of our life together, like a lotus in muddy water.

We thank you for joining with us to care for the members, students, teachers, precious places and all the offerings of San Francisco Zen Center. We have great gratitude for your support and kind contributions of the past, and ask that you continue your generous support this year. We will be here for you.

In deep gratitude,

Eijun Linda Cutts
Central Abbess,
San Francisco Zen Center
Rinso Ed Sattizahn
Abiding Abbot
City Center
Furyu Nancy Schroeder
Abiding Abbess
Green Gulch Farm

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