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We commit ourselves to cultivating a practice in diversity and multiculturalism by incorporating into Zen Center's training the dissolving of all barriers that perpetuate the suffering of separation, prejudice, and discrimination. We intend to expand and develop our awareness of the ways we are conditioned to separate ourselves by race, class, gender, age, ability, sexual orientation, and other forms of cultural identity. We believe that such societal conditioning hinders our ability to see everyone as Buddha.

Objective 1: Create a mechanism and infrastructure for accountability around issues of diversity and multiculturalism.

Objective 2: Develop and implement an internal training program for the Board, senior teachers, practice leaders, staff, residents and associated sanghas to build organizational competence around issues of racism, classism and other forms of cultural oppression.

Objective 3: Develop, through training and practice, a common language for effective communication regarding issues of cultural differences as they relate to our interactions, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors towards each other as practitioners in the dharma.

Objective 4: Establish an internal leadership resource team skilled in addressing racism and classism issues at the three centers.

Objective 5: Continue the implementation of visiting dharma teachers program to provide practice role models and support for students of color, as well as students from other underrepresented constituencies.

Objective 6: Establish a representative council from Zen Center's membership
and all three practice centers:

a. To cultivate a deepening of our intention to transform any
attitudes or behaviors in ourselves or our sangha which diminish the
humanity or inherent value of any person or group, and

b. To continue to evolve, with diligent effort, the goals, objectives,
and programs stated in the Diversity and Multiculturalism Initiative.

Objective 7: To promote policies, programs, practices and procedures for equal opportunity for all people, and, in particular, to improve accommodations and accessibility for people with disabilities.