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Welcome to New Board Members

We are pleased to welcome newly elected Board Member Joe Rodriguez to the San Francisco Zen Center Board. We also welcome Mark Lachman back for his second term on the Board. As previously announced we have Margie O'Driscoll as a recently appointed member. Connie Stoops, who was previously on the board, was appointed to a one-year term.

We are grateful for their willingness to join/rejoin the board and to bring their experience and practice to the oversight of San Francisco Zen Center.

Joe Rodriguez

The Zen Center has added depth and richness to my life and practice, becoming the spiritual home I sought almost ten years ago. As a board member, I hope to help sustain and pass on this beautiful, ever-changing tradition that Suzuki Roshi brought to the shores of the Bay Area and the country. 

Mark Lachman

Mark Lachman was elected to the Board in December 2010. He began sitting at City Center in the late 80’s, participated in Establishing the Path of Practice, the Leadership Program, and serves on the Development Committee.

For over 15 years Mark has led the fundraising efforts of several nonprofit organizations. He wants to help Zen Center deepen and widen its relationship with the Sangha. He believes that by meeting each other through practice, we’ll enrich our lives, strengthen the organization and grow our financial resources.

Margie O'Driscoll

I first came to San Francisco Zen Center seeking a religious practice for my family. I wanted my sons to learn firsthand the role that meditation and spirituality can play in daily life. What I discovered, although I hadn’t meant to, was a spiritual practice for myself.

Our practice began modestly, attending Family Day lectures and making sandwiches for the homeless every month. I came every Saturday to the Beginner's Mind lectures and began to understand the role that meditation and Zen practice could have in my own life. After attending retreats at Tassajara and Green Gulch, I began to understand that I had now developed my own practice.

Constance de Laveaga Stoops

Constance de Laveaga Stoops (Connie) was reelected to the Board in December 2010. Connie brings nonprofit board and fundraising experience based upon her membership on the board of directors of the National AIDS Memorial Grove for 6 years. She is an architect and designer, and for the last two years has volunteered with Helen Degenhardt to develop additional plans for Tassajara. She is bilingual in English and Spanish.

“On my first visit to Tassajara in 1979, I was awed by its beauty and sense of place and also found myself very curious about the Zen Community. After returning to Tassajara each year for nearly 30 years, my knowledge of both Tassajara and the Zen Center is greater, but my experience is much the same. I am very grateful for this opportunity to serve on the Zen Center Board.”