Tatami Cabins

Tatami mats are made out of thickly woven rush grass and are inlaid into the floor. They are traditional flooring in Japan. Cabins 5, 9, 19 and 20 are in this style and feature shikibutons (foam mattresses) on top of the tatami mats, which can be folded up during the day and laid out in the evening. These cabins can accommodate up to three guests.

Cabin 19 is the only Tatami Cabin that has a creek view and is also suitable for parties with children.

Cabin 20 was the Tatami cabin that our founder, Suzuki Roshi, stayed in during his residences there.

Cabin 5 is the largest of all the Tatami cabins, and also has a deck along the path.

Cabin 9 sits next to the mountain, away from the central area.

See videos of the accommodations on our YouTube page.


Tatami Cabin Tatami Cabin
Tatami Cabins

2015 Daily Rates

Sunday – Thursday
Single occupancy $220; double $275
Shared Housing (retreat participants) $138

Friday – Saturday
Single occupancy $275; double $330
Shared Housing (retreat participants) $165