Sessei Meg Levie

Sessei Meg Levie
Sessei Meg Levie, MA, has lived and practiced at the San Francisco Zen Center since 1994 and received ordination as a Zen priest in 2003.
She practiced monastically at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center for several years and has studied Buddhism in Thailand and Japan. After many years of residential practice at Zen Center, she felt called to find ways to help make awareness practices more accessible to the wider world and earned certification as a professional coach through New Ventures West in San Francisco.

Since 2008 she has taught classes and retreats in developing mindfulness and self-awareness in corporations and other organizations, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google. She now serves as the program development director for the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, where she teaches a mindfulness-based emotional intelligence and leadership program grounded in science.

She received her BA degree in English from Stanford University and an MA, also in English, from the University of Texas at Austin.
Currently she lives at Green Gulch Farm Zen Center with her family.