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The Well-Fed Woman

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Rachel Cole
Ikushin Dana Velden
with Rachel Cole and Ikushin Dana Velden
June 4-7 (Monday-Thursday)

$240 ($204/Member)

Discover what it means to be a Well-Fed Woman, to uncover your deepest hungers and desires, to trust and develop a wholesome relationship to them, and to celebrate feasting on life.

Join us as we learn how presence, permission, and pleasure transform our lives from starving to satiated, hungry to happy. Buddhism teaches that an unwholesome relationship to desire causes suffering. Yet, hunger can be our North Star, helping us know where to go to be fully alive. Hungers exist at the table and away — we have creativity, vocation, relationship, and sexuality hungers — hearing and feeding them transforms our lives. Our time will include guided meditations, group discussions, journal exercises, and a culminating art project. Each attendee will leave deeply knowing what it means for her to be a Well-Fed Woman.

Related Bio(s):

Rachel Cole

Rachel Cole is a certified life coach (CPCC) and creative project maven. She spent years steeped in the vibrant Bay Area food community while earning her Masters degree in Holistic Health Education. The common ingredient all of Rachel's endeavors is a passion for inspiring people to craft well-fed, compassionate, and connected lives. Her driving question for all of us is “What are you TRULY hungry for?” Rachel can be found creating and coaching from her kitchen table in Oakland, California.

Ikushin Dana Velden

Ikushin Dana Velden was ordained by Ryushin Paul Haller in 2002. She lived and practiced at San Francisco Zen Center and Tassajara for over 16 years and recently moved to the East Bay where she continues to sit, teach and write. You can read her thoughts about food, cooking and practice on her Weekend Meditation blog in The Kitchn.