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Waking Up: A Workshop in Sensory Awareness

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Lee Klinger Lesser
with Lee Klinger Lesser
July 17-22 (Sunday-Friday)
$370 ($315/member)

Everyone welcome.

As we become more comfortable in our own bodies, we become more intimate with the sensations that connect us to each moment.

In this workshop, we cultivate awareness of and trust in our sensations through simple explorations of activities we do everyday: standing, lying, walking, seeing, and breathing. Our sensations ground us and help us wake up to meet whatever is happening in our lives. These simple tools are profoundly reliable. Like learning any new language, the more we practice and concentrate, the more accessible it becomes; the more we can give up extra effort and find rest in our own natural responsiveness.


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Lee Klinger Lesser

Lee Klinger Lesser has been leading workshops in Sensory Awareness for over 30 years. She led workshops together with Charlotte Selver, founder of Sensory Awareness in the United States. Lee began studying Zen in 1978 and appreciates the deep interconnectedness of these practices. She co-founded Honoring the Path of the Warrior, offering mindfulness retreats for returning veterans.