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Zen in the Kitchen

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Korin Charlie Pokorny, M.A.
Rusan Dale Kent
with Rusan Dale Kent and Korin Charlie Pokorny
July 2-5, 2015  (Thursday-Sunday)

No experience necessary.

Explore the relationship between kitchen work, awakening, and the nourishment that comes as a result of offering ourselves wholeheartedly to any activity.

In this workshop we will share our love of food and cooking and look at ways in which we can bring the practice of Zen more fully into our daily lives. Our schedule will include the opportunity to learn about cooking in the wonderful Tassajara kitchen. We will offer optional periods of meditation and Qigong, great food, plenty of joy and laughter, and--perhaps--the chance to find the stillness and peace that reside in the center of each and every moment.

Retreat fee: $265 ($225/Member)

Please note that the retreat fee does not include accommodations. Retreats begin late afternoon on the indicated start date and end in the morning on the indicated end date. Visit the Rooms & Rates section and determine your preferred accommodations before making your reservations request online.

Related Bio(s):

Korin Charlie Pokorny, M.A.

Korin Charlie Pokorny was ordained as a priest by Tenshin Reb Anderson in 1999. He practiced as a resident at Tassajara and Green Gulch Farm Zen Center for 12 years. Charlie and his partner, Dojin Sarah Emerson, are head priests at Stone Creek Zen Center. He also teaches at the Institute of Buddhist Studies.

Rusan Dale Kent

Rusan Dale Kent, author of Tassajara Dinners & Desserts, lived and practiced at Tassajara for many years. He spent much of his time in the kitchen cooking and serving as tenzo (head cook). Currently he is a resident priest at City Center, and is employed as a professional chef.