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Relationships as Spiritual Practice: Using the Joys and Difficulties of Relationship to Awaken

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Soko Chris Fortin, MFT
Bruce Fortin, MFT
with Hoka Chris Englehorn Fortin
and Kanzan Bruce Fortin

June 15-17 (Fri-Sun)

$170 ($145/member)

9 CEU credits available for MFTs.

A retreat for couples.

Use the joys and difficulties of important relationships to awaken and mature the tender places of our hearts.

We choose relationships that can bring experiences of joy and intimacy, and, paradoxically, can elicit our anger, fear, and anxieties. This crucible of delight and fear provides an opportunity to awaken to conditioned patterns that block an open heart. We will explore practices that allow us to join with another in difficult and tender places, as well as how to cultivate happiness, compassion, and well-being in relationship.

Related Bio(s):

Soko Chris Fortin, MFT

Chris is a Zen priest and teacher who received dharma transmission from Zoketsu Norman Fischer. She is a licensed MFT psychotherapist and spiritual counselor who has combined psychotherapy and spirituality for over 25 years in her private practice. She began practicing Buddhism at San Francisco Zen Center in 1976. More...

Bruce Fortin, MFT

Bruce Fortin is a MFT psychotherapist and mediator in private practice in Santa Rosa, with a specialty in couples counseling. Bruce leads the Occidental Laguna Sangha in Sebastopol, and received dharma transmission from Zoketsu Norman Fischer.