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Kent Raphael Halpern

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Getting In Touch: Shiatsu Massage for Health and Happiness
06/03/2011 - 06/05/2011
Kent Raphael Halpern studied and was certified in massage at Heartwood Holistic Health Institute in Santa Cruz. Following a few years of Oil Massage, he chose to specialize in Shiatsu and traveled to the source; Tokyo, Japan. He studied for three years at the Iokai Shiastu School, with students of Shizuto Masunaga, the Namikoshi Shiatsu School, the Tokyo Shinkyu Jusei Senmon School, the Kojimachi Kura House (Medical Shiatsu), and privately with many masters. He brought this pure tradition to California and has taught locally for twenty years, the undiluted form he had learned. He has taught at the Monterey Institute of Touch, the Five Branches Acupuncture College (Santa Cruz), the Hobbit Mura School (in Tokyo), and at the Capitola Community Center. He has had a booth at the Japan Fair for ten years. His greatest joy has been to offer Traditional Shiatsu to the monks of Tassajara for many years. He is very joyful to offer this to the general public.

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