Member Resources

Welcome to the Member Resource Page. We’re glad you are here. Please see below for news and events specific to members, and please let us know if you have any questions:

2015 Recap

Thank you: If you were a member prior to May of 2015, you are well aware by now of the database migration that took place over the summer. Thank you so much to everyone who re-enrolled and took such great care to maintain your membership and continue your support of San Francisco Zen Center. We are thrilled to report that the migration is complete! Additionally, due to the hard work of our seemingly tireless IT team and database administrator, all major bugs have been resolved, and the system is operating very well.  

Membership Meeting: The membership meeting was livestreamed for the first time in 2015, and in addition to the 25 folks who attended in person, 127 members viewed the meeting. Thank you for your participation, and if you were a livestream participant, please do let us know how we can improve:

Board election results are in! Deep gratitude to our board members who volunteer innumerable hours to SFZC.

Member Appreciation: The member appreciation ice cream booth at City Center’s annual Sejiki and Harvest Dinner was a blast. Thanks so much to Dennis McNally, Susana Millman, Tova Green, and Jennifer Orr for scooping innumerable cones of grasshopper and pumpkin ice cream from Mitchell’s Ice Cream.

City Center residents dressed up to enjoy the Sejiki and Harvest Dinner evening. Photo: Susana Millman

Member Benefits

All SFZC Members are eligible for 10% discount on all classes, SFZC Bookstore purchases, and one-day sittings. Please bookmark the SFZC calendar found here. Winter classes begin online and at City Center on January 20, and at Green Gulch on February 14.

You are also eligible for a 10% discount on all Wisdom Publications purchases. Please use the code SFMC01 between now and June 30, 2016 when you purchase a dharma book at

Do You Want to Start a Book Club?

Are you interested in starting a dharma book club with other members in your region? This is a wonderful way to study together. Let us know if you’d be willing to host a monthly gathering or coordinate a Google Hangout for other members in your area. Book Clubs are a lovely way to meet your dharma neighbors, grow your sangha, and build local community. Order a book from the SFZC bookstore or use your Wisdom Publications membership discount to get started. Wisdom suggests one of the following books:

The Way of Tenderness, by Zenju Earthlyn Manuel
Kindfulness, by Ajahn Brahm
Inside the Grass Hut, by Ben Connelly

Hiking Club at Green Gulch Farm: A member has volunteered to lead a monthly hike from Green Gulch! Please contact if you would like to join the club. Moderate monthly hikes will take place on either Saturday or Sunday depending on the temple schedule and what works best for the group that forms. The first hike will be in late March, and hikes throughout the year will include Dias Ridge, sections of the Coastal Trail, and Coyote Ridge. Trail Map Here.

Dharma Rain, Forest, and Ocean Members: A reminder that you are eligible for 15% off Tassajara summer retreats! Guest Season begins on April 28, 2016. Reservations start online and via mail on February 15.

Dharma Ocean Members: A reminder that in addition to other benefits, Dharma Ocean also includes one-day sittings and practice period classes at Green Gulch and City Center free of charge (this does not include workshops, Ed Brown sittings or online classes).

Volunteer Opportunities and Community Outreach

SFZC Community Outreach hosts the annual holiday party fpr the children of Clara House, which provides shelter and sevices for families in transition. Photo: Clare Hollander

"First of all, a sincere—our practice—sincere practice—our sincere practice is not, you know, practice just for himself. This is not so difficult to understand. Bodhisattva practice is not just to help himself, but to help others. We put more stress to help others. That is bodhisattva practice." —Suzuki Roshi: May 2nd, 1970 Dharma Talk

From the identifiable beginnings of Zen, working together has been an integral part of our practice. Work is the way we bring this practice out of the meditation hall and into the world. It is one of the most important ways in which practitioners come together and begin to know one another intimately, forging the Sangha (community), which is one of Buddhism’s Three Treasures.

We invite you to engage in our Community Outreach program if you live near San Francisco or contact membership if you would like to start a similar program with members in your area! If you already have a community outreach practice, please consider sending us stories and pictures. Sharing our experiences is a great way for members to support one another’s community service practices. Below are a few upcoming volunteer opportunities:

City Center Please join us on Saturday, April 23 for another gardening day! We will be partnering with our neighbors Community Grows to tend the gardens of Koshland Park (located across the street from City Center). Start time and details to follow. Please contact if you would like to join us.

There is a variety of ongoing volunteer opportunities at City Center. Please contact if you would like to become a City Center volunteer.

Green Gulch hosts Watershed Work Parties the second Sunday of most months, beginning this year with Arbor Day on February 14. For more detail visit:

There are many volunteer opportunities at Green Gulch, including kitchen prep, farm and garden work. Please visit to learn more.