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Albert Kutchins

Albert Kutchins has been a Zen student—and a member of San Francisco Zen Center—since the mid-1980s. He has sat sesshin, cut vegetables and cleaned bathrooms at all three of the Zen Center temples. He completed four monastic training periods at Tassajara, all led by his teacher, Tenshin Reb Anderson-roshi, and a pilgrimage / practice period in Japan, at Rinso-in, led by Hoitsu Suzuki-roshi and Zengyu Paul Discoe. Recently, he had the honor, privilege and delight of serving as shuso for the Fall 2012 practice period at Green Gulch, led by Abiding Abbess Eijun Linda Ruth Cutts.  He has received the precepts, as a lay person, from both Tenshin-roshi and Hoitsu-roshi.

Throughout his training, Albert has remained a householder.  He lives in Berkeley with his wife, Mari Mayeda; son, Jake; daughter, Miya; and furry companion, Satchel; and he  practices law, specializing in appeals and writs on behalf of persons on death row and others convicted of serious crimes.  He previously served on the Zen Center Board for several years in the 1990s.