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2011 Board Election Results

The SFZC Board wishes to thank all members who voted in this year's Board election. Our newly elected Board Members are

Charlie Pokorny (returning for a second term)
Gretchen Rau
Judi Martindale
Brian McCaffrey

Prior to stepping on to the Board, each of our candidates were hard at work supporting Zen Center. We look forward to their leadership in the work of building a sustainable Zen Center for years to come. Congratulations and thank you.

Korin Charlie Pokorny
Korin Charlie Pokorny lived as a resident at Tassajara and Green Gulch Farm from 1994 to 2006, serving as treasurer, tenzo (head cook), director, and shuso (head monk), and ordaining as a priest in 1999. He serves as director for the Soto Zen Buddhist Association and teaches at the Institute of Buddhist Studies in Berkeley. He is co-chair of the Diversity and Multiculturalism Committee and chair of the EAR (Ethics and Reconciliation) Council.
Gretchen Rau
Gretchen Rau began her practice in 2006 and participated in Establishing the Path of Practice the following year. She is a resident practitioner at City Center and was involved in the City Center Visioning Task Force. She looks forward to building on the work of those who came before her in expressing our core mission through the offerings at our practice centers. She works in the executive office of a global environmental nonprofit organization, and hopes that her knowledge and organizational skills will be an asset to the Board in advancing our collective vision.
Judi Martindale
Judi Martindale was lay ordained by Abiding Senior Dharma Teacher Linda Cutts in 2004. She participated in six Green Gulch and one Tassajara practice periods, and attended seven Intensive Practice Periods with Tenshin Reb Anderson. This training opened her life to new ways of being on many levels and she would like to express her deep gratitude through participating on the Board. She has also received extensive training and experience in hospice care and harp therapy and received certifications in Integral Coaching by both New Ventures West and the Strozzi Institute. She recently retired from 30 years as a fee-only financial planner focusing on working with people to develop a peaceful, wise, and satisfying relationship with money.
Brian McCaffrey
Brian McCaffrey completed Establishing the Path of Practice in 2009. Subsequently he enrolled in the one-year Leadership Program, which gave him the opportunity to begin to understand the structure of SFZC and some of the issues that we are currently facing. His primary non-profit experience consists of five years on the board of a progressive, local, private school, including two years as president of the board. After a brief career as a high school English teacher, he enrolled in law school and received a J.D. from Hastings College of the Law. He now practices law, primarily in the areas of estate planning and probate litigation.

Are you interested in Board service?

The SFZC Board Development Committee works throughout the year to find qualified potential candidates for our annual Board elections. If you are interested in serving in a leadership role or would like to suggest a candidate please contact Norma Fogelberg.

We value your participation and look forward to hearing from you.