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Form to Emptiness and Back Again: A Yoga and Zen Weekend Retreat, GGF 7/5 -7/7/13

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Lisa Jansen
Shinchi Linda Galijan, Ph.D.
Friday, July 5, 5pm - Sunday, July 7, 2013, noon
with Lisa Jansen and Shinchi Linda Galijan

This weekend retreat will emphasize the combination of Hatha Yoga and Zen meditations to bridge the gap between internal and external experience.

We will practice Yin and Therapeutic Yoga to feel into our body as transparency or empty space. We will also include a strong Hatha Yoga practice, learning to move through stronger postures while maintaining buoyancy and aliveness. With teachings from the Zen traditions and subtle work, the weekend will expand on how to experience the joining of our consciousness and our body.

Our stronger Hatha practice will utilize movements that teach how to move from the vertical core of the body, so our movements are ?uid and light. When our movement is ?uid and light it can shift our sense of identity from the muscular surface of the body to the more subtle dimension of consciousness pervading the body.

The combination of teachings will emphasize access to greater depths of presence within the body/mind. From this space we can embody spiritual awakening as an experience of our body as pure subjectivity.

All are welcome! Lisa and Linda teach to all levels and embrace the beginner as well as the advanced student. Join them this weekend to learn how to ?ne tune your perception and embody all aspects of self.

“Enlightenment is a re?nement of all our senses. Ultimately we can perceive our environment as empty luminous space pervading everything.”

Retreat Fee: $170, $153 current SFZC members. Please note that the retreat fee does not include accommodations and meals. Accommodations at Green Gulch.

Registration and Overnight Accommodations: To register and to reserve accommodations, call our toll free number 888.743.9362 or our local number 415.475.9362.

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Lisa Jansen

Lisa Marie Jansen, CYT, has 30 years experience as a yogi, with 14 years experience as a teacher and energy facilitator. She includes Hatha, Yin, & Therapeutic Yoga in her classes. Her style is warm and supportive, offering a practice for everyone. Find out more by visiting premayogahealing.com.

Shinchi Linda Galijan, Ph.D.
Shinchi Linda Galijan, PhD, was ordained by Sojun Mel Weitsman in 2004. She is licensed as a clinical psychologist, and has practiced yoga for 20 years. She currently serves as Treasurer at Tassajara.