December 12, 3 - 5 pm

Jeff Hoke: Museum of Lost Wonder
Merging the Worlds of Myth and Science

Ticket holders to "The Expert's Mind" series will receive a day's free admission to The Exploratorium, and purchasers of tickets to The Exploratorium that day can attend Hoke's presentation free of charge.

Jeff Hoke is the award-winning senior exhibitions designer at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. As author, artist, and science interpreter, Hoke has spent more than 30 years inspiring people’s engagement with wonder. In a playful visual presentation, he will explore the relationship between art, science, and myth through two of his most recent creations, The Museum of Lost Wonder and Tomb of Illumination.
A holder of degrees in art and education from the University of Illinois and Exeter University in England, Hoke has devoted his life to studying the history of the human imagination and the ways in which people discover and create meaning in their everyday lives. His exhibits at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Field Museum of Natural History have won numerous professional awards from grantors including the American Association of Museums and the American Zoological Association. Hoke’s exhibit work can also be seen in museums in India, China, Japan, and the Czech Republic. Hoke’s personal artwork has been exhibited at Eastman Kodak’s Visual Studies Workshop and the Boston Museum of Science.


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