Mushim Ikeda

Mushim (Patricia Y. Ikeda) is a socially engaged Buddhist teacher at East Bay Meditation Center in downtown Oakland, California. She has published in numerous Buddhist publications and also works as a diversity and inclusion consultant. She has taught meditation retreats for people of color, women, and social justice activists nationally. She is the recipient of the 2014 Gil A. Lopez peacemaker award from the Association for Dispute Resolution of Northern California (ADRNC) for her yearlong program, Practice in Transformative Action, training social justice activists in mindfulness. In 2015 she was awarded an honorary sacrae theologiae (sacred theology) doctorate from Starr King School for the Ministry. Mushim has been featured in two documentary films: Between the Lines (on Asian American women poets), and Standing on Faith: Women and the New Religious Activism in America, distributed by the Pluralism Project at Harvard University.
Fragrance-Free Policy:
Out of respect for people with environmental illnesses, we request that everyone attending events with Mushim Ikeda please not wear fragrance or scented products. This includes clothing that has been laundered with fragranced detergent or softening products. We greatly appreciate your efforts to make SFZC and this event accessible to those with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities). Please see the list of fragrance-free products and related resources on the website of the East Bay Meditation Center for more information that can assist you in keeping dharma events with Mushim fragrance-free.