Yoga for Sitters: The Six Perfections as Body Practice (Class), CC 1/31 – 3/14

With Shosan Victoria Austin
in the Conference Center at 308 Page Street

Seven Wednesday mornings, January 31 – March 14, 7:30 – 8:20 am

The Six Perfections—giving, ethics, patience, vigor, concentration, and wisdom—sound like emotional and general life practices. What would it be like to infuse them into the levels and layers of one’s own body and mind?

These short morning yoga classes will focus on the direct experience of the Six Perfections in asana and pranayama sequences suitable for general home practice. Please come with an empty stomach, and wear non-binding clothes that expose elbows and knees. Practitioners of various physical abilities are welcome; there are stairs.

Class is by donation, with 50% to support Beginner’s Mind Temple.