YOGA: Building a Body and Mind of Wise Effort (Class), CC 5/2 – 6/6

With Shosan Victoria Austin
Six Wednesday mornings, May 2 – June 6, 7:30 – 8:15 am
In the Conference Center, 308 Page Street

Wise effort, samma-vayama, includes Buddha’s teachings on how to practice diligence, endeavor, and striving so that one's efforts on the Path are constructive, effective, and deep. To learn how to make effort in practice, the Buddha studied with two of the greatest yoga teachers of his time. Only when he internalized these teachings from the standpoint of his own inner sense of impact could he put them into action to become awake.

In this six-week yoga series, we will study asana and pranayama to develop wise effort from the body to the brain.

Please come with an empty stomach and wear comfortable clothing that exposes elbows and knees. Practitioners of various physical abilities are welcome; there are stairs.

Class is by donation, with 50% to support Beginner's Mind Temple.