Dogen’s Koans (Class), CC 2/1 – 3/15

With Jamie Howell
in the City Center Sangha Room

Seven Thursdays, February 1, 8, 15, 22, March 3, 8, 15, 7:30 – 9 pm

Dogen Zenji, while not endorsing koans as objects of meditation, used koans as powerful teaching stories to guide and test his students. We will be reading and discussing koans from Shinji Shobogenzo, Dogen’s 301 koan collection (using translations from Daido Loori and Nishijima Roshi), and koans used in Shobogenzo (using the Tanahashi and the Nishijima translations). Topics covered will include Dogen Zenji’s relationship to and usage of koans as well as the koans themselves.

A workbook shall be provided for the students so that they will not need to purchase books.

Fees: $140; $126 current SFZC members; $84 limited income. Some scholarships available.

Registration: To register, please call the City Center main office at 415.863.3136 or the SFZC Reservations Office at 888.743.9362 or 415.475.9362. Or fill out this online form to have the Reservations Office contact you by phone or email to assist your registration.

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