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Entering the Buddha Way (Class)

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Ryushin Paul Haller (Urban Temple Dharma Teacher)
with Urban Temple Dharma Teacher Ryushin Paul Haller
City Center

7:30 - 9 pm

The Buddha Way is the path of practice that both cultivates and expresses awakening in each moment. This class will study Sila, Samadhi and Prajna (defined below), which are a traditional formulation of the Buddha Way and include the practice of awareness in both zazen and daily activity and awakening to the Nature of life.

The class is intended to complement the activities of the Fall Practice Period, whether they are practiced at the Zen Center or at home, by describing how they promote the development of Sila, Samadhi and Prajna and by referring to both the early Buddhist teachings and Zen teachings. It is appropriate for beginners and those who wish to support and deepen their practice.
Sila: The discipline and conduct of awakening, manifest through wholehearted participation in each activity in a way that sustains mindfulness and the well-being of everyone. How to take care of ourselves and have the energy to practice.
Samadhi: Continuous contact with the flow of experience, by bringing full awareness to every engagement throughout the day. Sustaining awareness of body, mind and emotions in the midst of zazen and everyday activities.
Prajna: Seeing clearly the true nature of what is, including the habit patterns of our mind and heart; actualized through Samadhi and supported by Sila. Also stimulated and guided by individual interviews with teachers, classes, lectures, zazen and self-reflection.

Fees: $160; $144, current SFZC members; $96, limited income. Some partial scholarships available. (See About Registration, Scholarships and Cancellations.)

To Register: Use the ticket table below (available soon) to register online. Or call our toll free number (888.743.9362) or local number (415.475.9362).

About Registration, Scholarships and Cancellations

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Ryushin Paul Haller (Urban Temple Dharma Teacher)
Ryushin Paul Haller is a dharma heir of Sojun Mel Weitsman and has taught at Zen Center for over 20 years. He served as abiding abbot at City Center from 2003 to 2012, and remains at City Center as urban temple dharma teacher. Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, he teaches throughout the US and Europe and has led mindfulness programs to assist with depression and recovery. Paul has also taught in prisons and has a long involvement with the Zen Hospice Project. He has been practicing yoga for 25 years.