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Fire Watch: 07/03/2008

Here is the active fire map for 7-3-08.

There are 3 new detections up Tassajara creek 3.8, 4.2 and 4.3 miles away.

There are NO new detections to the W and NO new detections to the SW within 7 miles. Of the 5 new detection to the SW, the closest is 7.75 miles away and the farthest is 8.4 miles away. These are all along the coast.

There are 8 new detections in the Indians fire all to the E ranging from 8.3 to 11.2 miles away.

The most intense activity in the last 12 hours has occurred to the extreme NW of the Basin Complex fire with new detections ranging from 10 to 17 miles away. The closest of the new detections to Jamesburg is 7.4 miles, but this is almost directly W and the fire tends to be moving N and W along the coast and so doesn't appear to be a threat to Jamesburg.


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This map will be updated approximately once a day.

The U.S. Forest Service updates this data hourly. There are instructions on the Tassajara web site for how to see this information via Google Earth.