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Sarita Tamayo-Moraga

Sarita Tamayo-Moraga, Ph.D. and Zen priest, began sitting at the San Francisco Zen Center in 1999 and became Darlene Cohen’s student in May of 1999. Right after beginning sitting at the San Francisco Zen Center in 1999, Sarita was debilitated by a chronic repetitive strain injury. This life-changing injury led her to connect with Darlene Cohen’s emphasis on chronic illness as a way to penetrate suffering. Sarita then became Darlene’s student and continued to work with Darlene until her death around the transformation of suffering in the body and through the body with zazen as the primary focal point. Sarita’s own primary teaching centers around kshanti paramita, or the perfection of patience/forbearance. Sarita co-leads the Santa Clara University Zen Group and Brown Bag Zen (also at SCU).
She and Darlene co-wrote “Zen and the Transformation of Emotional and Physical Stress into Well-Being,” in Thomas Plante, ed., Contemplative Practices in Action: Spirituality, Meditation, and Health. ABC-CLIO (2010)