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Art Exhibit, February 2014: Pausing, Patience and Not Knowing, by Judith Bird

February 1- 28, 2014
in the City Center Art Lounge
300 Page Street
San Francisco

Reception: Friday, February 7, 7 - 9 pm

Silk Panels and Sofa Throws — Pausing, Patience and Not Knowing
Artist's Statement: Judith Bird

Wall panels are dyed, folded, clamped or stitched, discharged of their colors, redyed and sometimes touched by a brush. These processes, known as shibori, the Japanese word for "shaped resist," are repeated as often as needed to achieve the surface images. Often done over the space of months, pieces are considered (the pause) with great patience, the artist often resisting the urge to jump in, then finally, drawing on my 30 years as a dyer, trusting the next step. Many pieces remain folded throughout these times, so that the final image has to be imagined.

Sofa throws have two surfaces, one handwoven of silk and rayon, the other of silk. Sandwiched between is a layer of wool. While the handwoven surface is being dyed, the end product concealed in the thick mat of fabric must be imagined, as to pull out the sturdy yarns holding that mat before all the dying is complete is to ruin the opportunity.

Since many of these techniques are complex, I plan to share "in process" pieces at the show.