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Thursday Afternoon Zazen with Posture Adjustments

Thursday afternoons during zazen at 5:40 pm

A senior priest will offer posture adjustment during late afternoon zazen on Thursdays. After the period of zazen has begun, the priest will walk through the zendo and adjust posture.

If you do not want your posture adjusted, please take a small stone from the wooden bowl at the ino's seat. (The ino's seat is the first seat as you enter the zendo to your right.) Place the polished stone behind you on the narrow wooden board that separates your seat from the zendo floor. This will let the priest know to pass by and not adjust your posture. When you get up after the period of zazen and are leaving the zendo, please take the stone with you and either return the stone to the wooden bowl as you leave or, if you like, please keep the stone as a gift from San Francisco Zen Center.

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