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The Warm Ocean of Zen: An Exploration of City Center Forms, CC 9/21

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Keiryu LiÍn Shutt
with Keiryu Liên Shutt
Saturday, September 21, 2013
1 - 4 pm

“I will try to do it" is you are hesitating.
"I will do it" is like to jump into the ocean. 
    —Suzuki Roshi

Curious about the “doings” at City Center? Wonder what those forms and rituals are about? Come jump into the warm ocean of Soto Zen form practices with this workshop! This half-day explores the ways Soto Zen practice is carried out in a temple setting. These are called "forms." Contextual, practical, mindful and communal aspects of basic forms such as comportment, bowing, chanting, and walking meditation will be presented, discussed and bodily experienced.

Come try out the various forms you see around City Center, and bring your questions. You too can learn to “swim” in the warmth of our forms and rituals!

Open to all. Beginner’s mind/heart always welcomed.

Fee: $30; $27, current SFZC members; $24, limited income. Some partial scholarships available; see About Registration, Scholarships and Cancellations.

To Register: Use the ticket table below. Or call our toll free number (888.743.9362) or our local number (415.475.9362).

About Registration, Scholarships and Cancellations

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Keiryu LiÍn Shutt
Rev. Keiryu LiÍn Shutt is a dharma heir of Zenkei Blanche Hartman. Born into a Buddhist family in Vietnam, she began her meditation practice in the Insight tradition. She was a founding member of the Buddhists of Color in 1998. Her Zen trainings began at Tassajara and then continued monastically in Japan and Vietnam for a year. While she has placed her trust and faith in Soto Zen, she continues to enjoy the deep silence of Insight practices and has completed retreats in America and Thailand. LiÍn is grateful to have right livelihood as a social worker. Please go to AccessToZen.org for info on her sitting group and other events.