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Trial Abbatial Restructuring

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Dear Members and Friends of San Francisco Zen Center:

On April 21, 2010 the SFZC Board unanimously passed a resolution to enter into a trial period to explore a model for restructuring the Abbacy of San Francisco Zen Center. The restructuring will create a Central Abbot, which position will be filled by Myogen Steve Stücky; a City Center Abbot, which position will be filled by Ryushin Paul Haller; and an Abiding Senior Dharma Teacher at Green Gulch Farm, which position will be filled by Eijun Linda Ruth Cutts.

Throughout this trial period, which will begin May 1, 2010 and end July 1, 2011, SFZC will solicit feedback from our residents, membership, and the wider sangha as part of the assessment process. More information on how that feedback will be solicited and gathered will be sent directly to Members via email, as well as posted in our sangha-e! newsletter and on the SFZC website.

Please find below pdf versions of the board resolution and draft versions of the job descriptions of the Central Abbot, City Center Abbot, and the Green Gulch Farm Abiding Senior Dharma Teacher. We will continue to update and refine the job descriptions as needed throughout the trial period. If you have any questions, or wish to speak with a member of the Board or Elders’ Council, please contact the SFZC Corporate Secretary via email.

ZC Board Resolution RE Abbatial Restructuring

SFZC Central Abbot Roles and Responsibilities (Draft 4-21-10)

CC Abbot and GGF Senior Abiding Teacher Roles and Responsibilities (Draft 4-21-10)