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Three-Week Summer Intensive - 2011

July 16 - August 6, 2011
led by Abbot Ryushin Paul Haller

Realizing the Buddha Way: Practice and Study of Sila, Samadhi, and Prajna

For remote participation:
Summer Intensive 2011 blog site

Residential participants should plan to arrive before 2:00 pm on Friday, July 15.

The theme of this Intensive will be the practice and study of the three Dharma gates—Sila, Samadhi, and Prajna—through following the traditional Zen schedule of zazen, study, and mindful work. Throughout the Buddhist tradition the Buddha Way is realized through these Dharma gates. We will explore how these three factors can be developed in a monastic setting and brought into everyday life.
  • Sila: The discipline and conduct of Awakening, manifest through wholehearted participation in the schedule and sustaining physical and mental health. How to take care of ourselves and have the energy to practice.
  • Samadhi: Continuous contact with the flow of experience, by bringing full awareness to every engagement throughout the day. Sustaining awareness of body, mind and emotions in the midst of zazen and everyday activities.
  • Prajna: Seeing clearly the true nature of what is, actualized through practicing Sila and Samadhi and stimulated by individual interviews with teachers, classes, lectures, and self-reflection.
Included in the Daily Schedule [Word] [PDF]:
• Zazen (6 periods weekdays)
• Daily classes (weekdays)
• Formal oryoki meals in the zendo
• Mindful samu (work practice)
• Yoga classes
5-day sesshin, August 2-6

Additionally, there will be a yoga workshop designed to help with sitting zazen. There will also be a Chinese medicine workshop on how to sustain physical health and energy. The workshops are offered at a reduced fee for full intensive participants.

Residential Participation and Fees
Participants will live in the 300 Page Street building for the duration of the Intensive and make a commitment to follow the schedule completely. For those participating in the full practice period schedule the all-inclusive fee is $900 for a dorm room, $1,200 for a shared room, and $1,500 for a private room. Please see the eligibility and how to apply section below for more information.

Non-residential Participation and Fees
Participation in this intensive practice period can be done while still continuing to live outside the temple. You are invited to participate in all aspects of the daily schedule, including meals. For those participating in the intensive who are not in residence, the fee is $500 and includes three meals a day. Please see the eligibility and how to apply section below for more information.

Class Participation and Fees
If you are interested in joining the Sangha for Dharma talks and classes during the intensive we welcome you. Class Participation fee is $150. There is no application process for this level of participation.
To Register: Please call the City Center Office at 415.863.3136.

Long Distance Participation
If you are living far away from City Center or are unable to come to the center to join in the scheduled sittings and events, we welcome you to participate in the intensive by listening to the Dharma talks, classes, and workshops on-line. Participation is by donation.

If you wish, you can formalize your participation by emailing a description of how you plan to participate to the abbot's assistant. You may indicate whether or not you would like to talk by phone to a teacher about your practice during the Intensive. There is no application process for this level of participation. For more information, email Joan, the abbot's assistant.

Eligibility and How to Apply

Eligible applicants are those who have enough sitting experience to be comfortable with the forms of practice, sitting 7 periods a day, and who have an ability to maintain the discipline of a monastic style daily schedule. Applications can be obtained from the City Center front office or downloaded by clicking [Word] or [PDF]. All applications must be accompanied by a $30 application fee and are due June 15. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Joan Amaral, Abbot’s Assistant, at 415.354.0393 or by email.

Residential guidelines are available from the City Center office or in [PDF].

Application deadline: You may submit your application up until June 15, 2011. Applications will be reviewed in the order received.

Address for applications:
Summer Intensive 2011 Applications
San Francisco Zen Center/Front Office
300 Page Street
San Francisco, CA 94102